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Team Building

Duration: One Day

David West is a highly experienced business manager, who built Smile Motivations to deliver corporate team building exercises to UK businesses in both the private and public sector. Throughout the years, he’s helped build more successful teams with his motivational training workshops. The whole point of any team building exercise is to break down barriers in order to get everyone working together in a functional and productive way. Teams rarely become great by chance. It takes doing the right things, and creating the right dynamics.

The workshops that David West puts together are fun and interactive, so no one feels they are being lectured, or taught. When people engage with the activities they return to work ready to take on their tasks in a more effective, more united, more collaborative way. Team members will learn new skills that will show them how to work with people from all walks of life and to understand that everyone can contribute to the team. The workshops can also help cross silo departments to work together cohesively, eliminating tension and rivalry.

Our motivational training can be tailored to specific issues that management identify. This will ensure that the problems affecting the team will be fixed through the training journey. If issues are currently only loosely identified, the Smile Motivation team will strive to identify any specific issues between the team members and use their knowledge of motivational training to help everyone work together, break down barriers, and build lasting bridges.

When all is said and done, your team members will have an arsenal of new skills and tools under their belts in order to return to their job more motivated, more attuned to each other, and ready to produce.

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