Our Workshops

Motivational workshops by Smile

All our workshops have been carefully developed over time to have the maximum impact on people who carry out different roles within an organisation. All workshops have the same strong motivational element and motivational techniques however the emphasis shifts to reflect that group and additional tools are shared to address particular skills required for certain roles.

A few important details…

  • All workshops can be delivered on site to minimise disruption to staff. However workshops can be delivered offsite at a suitable location if this is preferred. Duration 9.30am to 4.30 pm.
  • Workshops can be delivered on a Saturday or Sunday if this enables organisations to maintain performance.
  • Workshops can be constructed and modified in order to address organisations that have a specific generic problem throughout the workforce.
  • Number of delegates on each workshop 12 max, 8 min.
  • All delegates receive a reminder guide at the end.