How motivational workshops
can improve your business

Small investment. Big results

motivation-imgSoft skills training accounts for only 15% of the training spend in the UK today with the remainder being invested in hard skills training and, in many organisations within the UK, soft skills development is not even invested in. It is proven that highly motivated staff perform better and have a significant positive impact on the organisation’s that they work in and more importantly their customers

Organisations have been going through significant change over the past ten years with redundancies, downsizing, job evaluation, depressed economy, and all this will have an impact on the employee’s motivation to succeed and indeed work hard. In addition, because of the lack of investment in the training of managers, with many team leaders and supervisors the issue of de-motivation of staff is not recognised or addressed. This often leads to poor performance, an increased absence rate and a higher staff turnover.

All this is a real cost to organisations and, with a small investment in addressing staff’s motivational needs,

organisations can start enjoying the success that highly motivated companies enjoy.

The added benefit of motivated staff will also impact on your customers, motivated people smile more and have more empathy with their colleagues and customers and the end result is they deliver a better and consistently high quality customer service.

The value of professional motivation workshops

workshop-imgWhilst organisations attempt to employ positive self-motivated individuals, in reality an individual’s motivation will diminish over time if the reasons for their demotivation are not addressed.

How often have you sent employees to a training workshop or seminar only to have them come back saying it was a waste of time and they got nothing out of it? What would it mean for you to see immediate results?

Motivational Workshops are high quality inspirational events for all those who attend. The atmosphere created is very motivational and all the barriers and lack of interest are totally dissolved within the first 30 minutes. Participants then follow a tried and tested path to unlock those barriers in their job and life that are preventing

them performing at their best. The workshop is very participative, fun and very engaging. Staff are taught tools

and techniques to break through the barriers that have led to demotivation or low morale.

Time is spent on discussing the de-motivators within their workplace and this is shared with the organisation

anonymously following the workshop. Focus of attention is on motivation and how everyone can be selfmotivated by being given the right tools. Attitude pays a big role within moving people to a motivated state as well as the power of positive thinking – this is done by sharing stories and the secrets of maintaining motivation.

During the day staff are educated on the de-motivational effect of Negheads (negative people) these individuals are highly dangerous and obstructive within organisations. Staff are taught how to recognise them and how to not be influenced by them.

Smiling staff

smile-img At the end of the workshops staff will be laughing and smiling and they will have had learnt some new skills and techniques. But more importantly they will be motivated and wanting to put their new found skills into practice in whatever job they do. Staff will think about their job and their organisation in a much more positive and constructive manner.

All participants will receive a unique pocket sized hand-out, which will remind them in the future about what they have learnt and includes everything they will need to address any situation.

Everyone has the potential to be highly motivated sometimes you need someone or some new ideas to help you get there and that is what Smile Motivation is designed to do.

Organisations invest considerable amounts in their business but have greatly ignored the potential resource of motivated people. Smile Motivation puts your staff and your organisation on the path to success